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Touch typing support classes
Touch typing support classes

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Click here to find our more about dyslexia friendly schools (PDF format) written by the British Dyslexia Association.

Dyslexia Guides for familes

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Dyslexia Assessment support for school staff

assessment flyerFor a limited period of time London Borough of Waltham Forest Schools will not be charged for this service. Schools outside the borough will be charged £375.

Time:  2 hour training programme with a follow up 1 hour feedback session at an agreed later date, this session is recommended to be after 6 weeks but there is flexibility.  (NB There will be an additional charge if additional follow up sessions are required).

Trainer:  Lois Hood, PATOSS qualified Dyslexia Assessor and Tutor

Availability:   Tuesday and Friday day and Twilight sessions in term time only

Description of programme:

To develop a ‘snapshot’ of the pupil in order to identify a pattern of their strengths and weaknesses and based on this to set out a plan of action.   The way forward could include contacting an Educational Psychologist or specialist teacher for a full assessment or depending on the severity of the case to draw up an educational support programme which is more to do with improving certain skills.

Tools for the training:   Using the Dyslexia Handbook – focussing on the Assessment section (Polite request: Schools to photocopy the material)

Attendees:   Teachers, SENCO’s, HLTA and Senior Teaching Assistants (maximum of 8 attendees)

Training Programme:

Areas covered:

·        Phonological Awareness
·        Reading
·        Spelling
·        Sequencing
·        Family Liaison
·        Follow up guidelines

Feedback Session:  Attendees to demonstrate plans of action and any issues or challenges to be resolved.

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Help Line: 020 8520 1684

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Dyslexia guides for families

understanding dyslexia 7-11
Understanding Dyslexia 7-11 years old
understanding dyslexia 11-16
Understanding Dyslexia 11-16 years old

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SEND Tribunal

IPSEA Charity has created a free Refusal to Access Pack to help parents/young people appeal to the SEND tribunal

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