Jack Petchey award

Jack Petchey Award Scheme

The Jack Petchey Award has been designed for groups to recognise, reward and celebrate the achievement of students who have made a contribution to the group in a significant way.  Whether this be through overcoming personal adversity, volunteering to help others or showing great dedication in their learning.

WFDA has been awarded the Bronze Scheme which allows WFDA to present £200 each school term to a chosen student to be used for the benefit of all our students. Three times a year students and tutors have the opportunity to nominate an Award winner (aged 11 upwards and can only be awarded the prize once) that has tried their best within our classes.

Nominees must be aged 11—25, is there someone you would like to put forward as a potential winner?

Previous Jack Petchey Bronze Award Winners

Spring 2017 Award winner Natalie Adams Sousa Alves.

Natalie has been attending classes at the WFDA since September 2014. She is a warm and friendly student who is a pleasure to teach. Natalie is always enthusiastic and has consistently shown a positive attitude towards her work.  She has proved herself to be independent and resilient student who is a positive role model for others.”

Autumn 2016 Award winner David Chai – as he enjoys touch typing, the money was spent on Nessy Fingers touch typing licenses, these are extra games for the students to enjoy.

Summer 2016 Award winner Alisha Hussain – the money was spent on hiring Sumo outfits, Bucking Bronco and Bouncy Castle for Summer Award ceremony

Spring 2016 Award winner Josiah Watson – the money was used to buy a reading pen

Autumn 2015 Award winner Nicola Shoesmith – the money was used buy equipment for the summer transition club

Summer 2015 Award Winner Sam Turnidge – the money was spent on hiring Sumo outfits, Bucking Bronco and Bouncy Castle for Summer Award ceremony

Spring 2015 Award Winner  Elfie Dunn -the money was spent to buy a mini ipad to be used at classes

Autumn 2014 Award Winner  Ryan Nicholls – go karting morning

Summer 2014  Award winner Savanah Dervan Gracey  Kindle Fire for classes – Savannah joined WFDA classes in November 2013 and has made great progress. Her tutor, Aga describes her as very enthusiastic and willing about learning new things and improving her spelling, punctuation and written expression in general. This has helped make her an independent learner. In addition she is now more keen to proof-read her work for spelling and punctuation mistakes.   In the classes she has demonstrated a positive influence on her fellow students; as she tries to motivate them to do the work and participate in the activities more actively.

Outside of classes in the Reception area for the families she has been co-operative and helpful setting up the refreshment area and supporting the Class Co-ordinator. As Sheena explained, ‘Savannah is great at using her own initiative and regularly asking if there is any more she can do’.

Spring 2014 Award winner Christopher Bond – equipment for summer party Strength of a good student is their ability to get involved and contribute in class and what is going on around them. These skills will enable them to gain confidence which can help them improve on their academic success. Since 2011 Chris has shown this strength by his commitment and dedication for coming to our classes. His tutor, Lois has spoken of his warm and friendly manner and his ability to interact well with adults, young people and children freely. Chris has always been approachable to new and existing students alike and has been prepared to get on with anyone. This inclusive approach is important at our classes as we want to create a welcoming environment for all. Everyone is part of the WFDA community and our classes are where students and their families are valued for who they are.

After consultation with Christopher and Savannah the money has been spent on hiring the Sumo wrestling and bucking bronco for the Class of 2014 Award Ceremony. We have also bought a hand held computer tablet that will be available in the Reception area on a Monday evening which will have dyslexia aimed games and our website on from visitors to browse on.

Autumn 2013 Award Winner   Tom Kent – Money was spent on hosting a go-karting morning

Jack Petchey award
Tom Kent receiving Jack Petchey award

Three times a year students and tutors have the opportunity to nominate an Award winner (aged 11 upwards and can only be awarded the prize once) that has tried their best within our classes.




Summer 2013 Award Winner       Kate Reilly – Money was pent on Word Shark and Number Shark software.

Spring 2013 Award Winner         Marshall Barrett – Money was spent on hiring Sumo wrestler outfits and bucking bronco for the Summer of 2013 Class party.

Autumn 2012 Award Winner     Alisha Tyler –  on being presented with our Jack Petchey Award asked for the prize to be spent on inviting Benjamin Zephaniah to come and give a talk to the students.

Spending our Achievement Award Scheme Grant 

The Achievement Bronze Award Scheme grant is designed to give the winner the opportunity to make a financial contribution of £200 to WFDA.

The winner must be directly involved in deciding how the money is spent.   Read our WFDA Wish List folder (held in class) for inspiration or maybe you have an idea yourself. Some ideas for spending the award scheme money:

  • Buying equipment for a specific activity, e.g. computer software
  • Hiring in a specialist worker for a session, e.g. theatre artist, fitness coach, guest speaker
  • Arranging a special trip for the group, e.g day out, museum visit, bowling, theatre, cinema, theme park
  • Holding your own celebration event or making your regular end of term party go with more of a swing!
  • Holding an event for a local community group which is run by your young people, e.g. a concert at a hospice, a play for a retirement home, a fundraising event for a registered charity etc.
  • Training courses for young people that will ultimately benefit all the young people in the organisation.

In class there is a Suggestion Folder, please add your own ideas.

Money must not be spent on:

  • Everyday essential costs, e.g. regular staffing, paying expenses, hall hire, electricity, renovations, equipment you should have as part of your basic Health & Safety, child protection, other essential costs.
  • Something which does not benefit 11-25 year olds.
  • Something which benefits 1 or only a few individuals.
  • A donation to an external organisation or charity (however if you want to be creative and use the £200 for a fundraising project to generate even more funds for a registered charity that is OK).
  • Alcohol, tobacco or anything illicit.




  • No more than two awards in any six month period can be spent on the same item.
  • You cannot ‘bank’ awards for future use.
  • The winner should decide how the award money is to be spent immediately after being chosen for the award.
  • The money should be actually spent as soon as possible after the decision has been confirmed. Jack Petchey Foundation would expect the grant to be spent by the time we have submitted our report.