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We run the following classes:





Touch-Typing Classes

Touch typing: 50 minute class at 5.00pm or 6.00pm (£6.00 per class) 

Age from 7 years upwards

We run touch-typing classes for dyslexic people and anyone with writing difficulties

Benefits of joining our touch typing class

  • Your writing is easier to read.
  • Properly learnt typing can be faster than handwriting.
  • Your hand/arm won’t get so tired.  Typing is usually much less stressful.
  • Spelling patterns can be easier to learn.  Confusions such as b/d and u/n are removed since it’s the learnt position of the letters that is used, not their orientation.
  • It’s easier to construct sentences correctly when the speed of writing is closer to the speed of thinking
  • Many people with writing and/or spelling difficulties find typing much easier than handwriting.  Exams such as SATs, GCSEs, and degrees can often be typed rather than hand-written.

Literacy Classes

Small, individualised literacy support classes held on Tuesday evenings (term time only) at George Mitchell (Through) School, Farmer Road, Leyton, E10 5DN. Literacy: 50 minute class from 4.00pm – 7.00pm (£14.00 per class). Ages from 7 – 16 years. For primary & secondary school age dyslexic students.Students are taught in groups of up to 4 students with similar needs.

Handwriting classes

Small, individualised  handwriting class held on Tuesday evenings (term time only) at George Mitchell (Through) School, Farmer Road, Leyton, E10 5DN.

50 minute class from 4.00pm – 7.00pm onwards (£14.00 per class)

For primary and secondary school age dyslexic and/or dyspraxic students.

This is a 10 week programme for a group of no more than 3 primary aged children.

The programme uses exercise and gross motor activities to progress to fine motor skills, with the aim of improving speed and fluency. Children are expected to use a joined style of handwriting and to practice a minimum of three times a week at home.

Some of the benefits of joining our handwriting class

  • Your writing is easier to read.
  • Research has shown that stopping and    starting whilst writing can throw the writer off track.
  • It helps your writing to be clear, fluent,  legible and fast.
  • All letters start on the line so there’s no confusion about where to begin the letter.
  • There is a clear distinction between capital letters and lower case.
  • Writers are less likely to reverse letters which are typically difficult such as b/d.

Places are offered following an initial assessment by the class teacher.

Numeracy classes

Numeracy: 50 minute class from 4.00pm – 7.00pm (£14.00 per class)

Ages from 7 – 16 years

Small, individualised numeracy support classes held on Tuesday evenings (term time only) at George Mitchell (Through) School, Farmer Road, Leyton, E10 5DN.

For primary school age dyslexic and/or dysnumeric students.

Students are taught in groups of up to 4 students with similar needs.

Time: Please contact us for details.

Venue for classes

The WFDA classes have moved to George Mitchell Secondary School, Farmer Road, Leyton, E10 5DN from Tuesday 12 January 2016.

Parking: Available parking on site and free parking on road outside school (permit parking not required).

Facilities: All classes, reception, refreshments, toilets are on the same corridor immediately inside the main entrance

Reception Area: Diagonally opposite main entrance reception area.

Map of George Mitchell School

Travel information: Trains: Leyton Midland Road is 0.3 miles, Leyton is 0.8 miles and Leytonstone is 0.9miles from the school. It is also close to the W1, 48, 97 and 69 bus routes.

All class times will remain unchanged. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s class time please speak to Karen Sparkes (WFDA class co-ordinator) at classes or contact her on 07852 232 509, email


How to book classes

Please let our Class Co-ordinator Karen Sparkes know if you would like your child to be registered on our class waiting list.  As soon as we have available place we will invite your child to be assessed for suitability for the proposed class.

Please phone Karen on 07852 232 509 or email – Karen’s WFDA days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10am to 3pm (during term time).

Cost of classes

Literacy, Numeracy and Handwriting classes are £14 per session and there is an initial 6 week class assessment subject to the teacher’s decision on the student joining the class.  We ask for fees to be paid on a half termly basis at the beginning of each half term.  Classes run for 50 minutes with 10 minutes at the end of the class for you to speak to the teacher about any concerns you may have.

Payment of classes

If attendance at the classes falls below 75% over the term your child may lose his/her place in the group.

To ensure that we remain solvent and are able to fully utilise our support team, classes must be paid in full at the start of each half term without exception.  We’re sorry to take such tough measures but students will not be able to attend classes until payment has been made.

This decision has been made as we have to pay for our teacher’s time regardless of whether a student attends their class.  Also the paperwork and staff time involved in this administrative task is time-consuming and stops the team focusing on other areas of support.

However, please note that if WFDA has to cancel a class for any reason, you will be credited with the cost of the class.


Literacy, numeracy and handwriting classes – £14 per lesson
Touch typing – £6 per lesson
Combined literacy, numeracy or handwriting with typing – £18 per the two classes

Fees are paid half-termly in advance. This helps administration and ensures that we have the money to pay our tutors! We try to keep the fees as low as possible but we do review them annually and regrettably sometimes have to agree increases.

Concessionary rates: Reduced fees are available for families that are entitled to free school meals and monthly or weekly payments may be arranged. Please speak to Karen if you need this option.

Cancelled classes: If we have to cancel a class we’ll refund you the cost. But regrettably, if you have to cancel we’ll still have to charge you, as the teacher will still need to be paid.

Cancellations and attendance
If you do have to cancel please let the class tutor know as soon as possible, as they spend time preparing individual lessons. Please make sure you get the tutor’s contact details.

It is important that your child attends regularly in order to make progress. If you are experiencing difficulties with coming, please phone us or talk to Karen as soon as possible.

We have a long waiting list, so if your child does start to miss classes we may need to offer the place to someone else, who is able to make better use of it.

As we do have a long waiting list, WFDA are not able to offer class places on an open ended basis. Support is restricted to a maximum of two years; total support for literacy or numeracy classes, not per subject. This does not include our handwriting or touch typing classes. We have introduced this policy to try and be as fair as possible to all those families supporting a child with dyslexia. Our aim is to help the child and family develop strategies to cope with dyslexia; becoming independent learners. We should then be able to offer support to more families.

Your child’s progress

All children will have an Individual Learning Plan which the tutor will review termly with your child. This helps both tutor and child to monitor progress. The lessons are 50 minutes long, to allow a few minutes at the beginning and end to talk to your child’s tutor. Please ask a week in advance if you need a longer discussion or a written report.

From time to time we will also ask for your feedback. This helps us plan the classes, as well as providing information for our funders. You are also welcome to give feedback at any time!

Membership of the Waltham Forest Dyslexia Association (WFDA)
WFDA is a charity run by local people. We rely on grants, donations and fees to run these classes.

As members of the classes we feel that it is important for you to join the Association and have the opportunity to help in the running of the activities, as well as adding your voice to the recognition and support needed for dyslexia.

The cost is just £15 per family, per year. You can join on a Tuesday evening – please see Karen. Being a member gives you the opportunity to inform and help our activities and really make a difference to the dyslexic people of our neighbourhood.
Other benefits include:-

• We give dyslexia information and support
• A termly WFDA Newsletter
• Invitations to all our events including the AGM
• Free membership of the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) including 3 issues of ‘Contact’
magazine per year.

We welcome any offers of help/ support, or fundraising ideas. Do speak to Karen if you have any suggestions.

Contacting us
Please phone Karen on 07852 232 509 or email – Karen’s WFDA days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10am to 3pm (during term time).

What to bring to classes

There is a waiting area for parents/carers to stay in whilst the student is in class, refreshments are available.

At the first class please can you bring any dyslexia information you hold about your child including a screening assessment  (if you hold one) as this will give the teacher an insight into how they can support your child.

All our teaching staff work hard to produce well thought out lesson plans specific to their individual students.  Pupils’ non attendance means time spent by the teachers is wasted and students are not able to maintain the appropriate progress that is needed to achieve their full potential. With this in mind, please make sure your child attends regularly and always let the teacher know ASAP when your child won’t be coming.

Private tutor and assessor contact list

Tutors and Assessors
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Private dyslexia assessors – click for larger version