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2e: Twice Exceptional Newsletter

Twice-exceptional (gifted LD) articles and news – especially useful for gifted with dyslexia, ADD, etc.

Dyslexia Blog

Parents of children with dyslexia.

Dyslexia Victoria

Dyslexic family turned tutors.

In the Mind’s Eye, Dyslexic Renaissance

New blog from the world’s expert in Talent and Dyslexia, Thomas G West, author In the Mind’s Eye.

Income Diary

Dyslexic 20-something internet entrepreneur’s blog.

Jaypiddy’s Blog

Travel and photography from a dyslexic point of view.

Techno Dys

Technology blog for dyslexics.

Teh Dyslexic Storytellers Blog

Stories and reflections from dyslexic writers.

The Ghotit Blog

From the dyslexic co-creator of Ghotit software.

Crossbow Blog