Dyslexia Indications

Dyslexia Indications

Many of the mistakes listed below are made during a child’s first year or two at school. However if a group of these symptoms persist they may indicate dyslexia and expert advice should be sought.

Reading And Spelling

Confusion of letters of similar shape : d – b – p / u – n – h.
Confusion of letter sounds: v – f – th / any vowel sounds.
Reversals: was – saw.
Repetition of words or phrases.
Confusion of small words: of – for – from.
Difficulty in pronouncing even familiar words.
Faulty auditory sequencing: merains – remains / renember – remember.
Difficulty in keeping the correct place on the line.
Difficulty in understanding a passage even if correctly read.


Foreshortening: rember – remember.
Repetition of a word or words.
Badly formed letters.
Difficulty in keeping on the line.
Each line starting further from the margin.
Omission / confusion of punctuation.

Other Indicators

Delayed spoken language
Early speech and language problems (even when these appear to have been overcome).
Confusion between: right and left, east and west, up and down, etc.
Difficulty in sequencing: alphabet, months of the year, tables, etc.
Late in learning to tell the time, tie shoe laces, etc.
Other dyslexics in the family.
Difficulty in copying from the board.