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How can you help?

The Waltham Forest Dyslexia Association is a local group of parents and dyslexic adults who are working to improve the lives of all dyslexics. You can help us by:-

* Becoming a member of the Waltham Forest Dyslexia Association

* Make a donation

* Give practical help by volunteering

* Share your professional expertise

* Raise money through sponsorship

Every member is important to us!


Waltham Forest Dyslexia Association is dependent on membership subscriptions, grant and fundraising. One way to support us is to become a member which enables you to receive a regular WFDA newsletter keeping you in touch with dyslexia matters.

If you’ve not renewed your subscription or have not previously agreed to join as a member we would ask you to sign up ASAP as we need the funds generated from your membership. If you can please gift aid it.

Become a member



Volunteering offers you the chance to get involved in a project or with an organisation you really care about as well as an opportunity to meet new and like-minded people. It also gives you the chance to try out something different which may lead on to new career options or the confidence to get back to work. Even a small commitment can have a lasting effect on our organisation and the people it represents.

Volunteering opportunities come in many different guises, from long-term regular commitments to one-off individual or group projects. Above all, it’s a chance to make a real difference. If you are interested please contact WFDA Charity manager Georgina Turner at or fill in this Volunteer Information Sheet.

Click here for more information about our volunteers.