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Summer Transition Summer Club
The fun and informative Transition Summer Club is specifically for Year 6 children with dyslexia or dyspraxia. It will be held at Forest School, Snaresbrook from Monday 24th to Friday 28th July 2017.

Dyslexia or dyspraxia can make starting secondary school a real challenge – finding their way round a big school, getting to different locations in the building, making new friends and coping with the need to be more organised and independent. The aim of the week is to give children with dyslexia or dyspraxia a head start – a chance to have a preliminary experience of secondary school, to make it a bit easier when they start in September.

Each day from 10.00am-3.00pm will be organised in a similar way to a secondary school day. It starts with a welcome session, then 2 – 3 sessions in the morning with a break in the middle, followed by lunch (each child to bring their own packed lunch). Then a third activity followed by a social get-together.

In amongst all of this there are plenty of fun activities – woodwork and art sessions are particular highlights, taking place in different classrooms so the children see the benefit of moving to another classroom that is suitably resourced for that activity. There will also be opportunities for swimming, sports and dance. At the end of the week we hold a session for the parents, to discuss their concerns about their child’s transition and there will be a presentation by the students (demonstrating what they have done during the week). Visit our website as there are photos from previous clubs.

If you are interested in enrolling your child please contact:- admin@wfda.org.uk or WFDA Charity manager Georgina Turner at georgina@wfda.org.uk.