Tuesday night class tutors

Sessional Tutors at our Tuesday Classes

All our sessional tutors have recognised qualifications for the teaching of Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) and are experienced in the teaching of children with dyslexia/dyspraxia. All our tutors and staff have an up-to-date Disclosure Baring Services record (previously CRB). They are familiar with a range of assessments and are able to produce well thought out lesson plans specific to individual students. They are supported by volunteer help on some groups from teachers/classroom assistants who are interested in developing their knowledge and experience of working with dyslexic children.

Dawn Budd - tutor
Dawn Budd – Literacy Tutor
Carol Newnham
Carol Newnham – Literacy & Numeracy Tutor
Maxine Scarlett - Handwriting Tutor
Maxine Johnson – Numeracy, Handwriting & Study & Homework Skills Tutor
Debra Lewis – Literacy Tutor


Sheena Penfold – Literacy Tutor


Vanessa Minihane – Literacy Tutor

Rosemary Joliffe – Touch typing tutor

Aga Kaldonek – Literacy Tutor

Kathy Payne – Literacy Tutor

Interviews with tutors

Maxine Johnson- Handwriting Tutor

Why did you get involved with WFDA? After gaining my Post Graduate Diploma in Dyslexia and Literacy with Dyslexia Action my passion was to help those with dyslexia and literacy by using these skills. One of the ways was to join WFDA.

Name a highlight in your career? My role as the Maths co-ordinator in a primary school helped me to overcome a long standing fear of numbers and it was great when my students told me their best subject was Maths.

How do you like to relax? In the cooler weather or when I can’t be by the sea I like to mediate, yoga exercise or read an interesting book.

What’s your rule of life? To look at any failure in a positive way, always see it as an opportunity to learn and succeed

Maxine Johnson

Sheena Penfold – Tutor

Sheena has over 12 years’ experience working with children in educational settings and has worked with a wide range of children with Special Educational Needs. She also has a degree in Early Childhood Studies and focused mainly on supporting children with Special Educational Needs.

In 2015 Sheena turned 50 and this helped her to focus on what she really wanted to achieve – this meant that she trained as a tutor for those with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia). Sheena really enjoyed the training and worked alongside a WFDA tutor for a year.

In the summer of 2016 she was really pleased and excited to be appointed as one of the WFDA tutors. Sheena has first – hand experience of how the WFDA classes help and support children and young people and encourage them to believe in themselves and achieve. Sheena is proud to be part of WFDA and enjoys working with an organisation that actively seeks to help, support and develop those with Dyslexia.

A mum of two boys, in her spare time she works voluntarily in a local football club, carrying out a range of duties including organising volunteers for a community kitchen. Sheena also enjoys swimming and walking her beloved Border Collie. Sheena’s mantra in life is – ‘stay happy and be positive, for every cloud has a silver lining’.