Sessional Tutors at our Tuesday Classes

All our sessional tutors have recognised qualifications for the teaching of Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) and are experienced in the teaching of children with dyslexia/dyspraxia. All our tutors and staff have an up-to-date Disclosure Baring Services record (previously CRB). They are familiar with a range of assessments and are able to produce well thought out lesson plans specific to individual students. They are supported by volunteer help on some groups from teachers/classroom assistants who are interested in developing their knowledge and experience of working with dyslexic children.

Our Tutors

Dawn Budd since January 2010

Maxine Johnson since January 2013

Rosemary Joliffe since September 2007

Aga Kaldonek since January 2017

Debra Lewis – September 2016

Vanessa Minihane since June 2016

Carol Newnham since July 2013

Kathy Payne – September 2016

Sheena Penfold September 2016