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Margaret Heath

Contact Number:    07713 165017   (Higher education questions)

Trustee - Margaret Heath
Trustee – Margaret Heath

Margaret Heath is the Principal Senior Lecturer at the University of East London (UEL) and has been teaching in the Business School since the early 1990’s. Prior to joining UEL she held teaching and Advisory posts in the Education sector, spent some time as a Training Consultant in a large Media Consultancy and was, for a number of years, the Manager of the Training Services for a not-for-profit organisation. Margaret acts as a consultant for the Business School and is regularly involved in the delivery of management development programmes to a variety of organisations.   Margaret has a daughter who has dyslexia.

Michelle Rock – Literacy Tutor

Michelle Rock – Literacy Tutor

Michelle Rock joined WFDA as a tutor in 2015 and is instrumental in improving our class monitoring. She’s one of our volunteer help line support team and a lead tutor with Maxine Johnson at our Summer Transition Club.

Why did you get involved with WFDA?: I became involved as it’s a local organisation which fulfils a vital function. Not every parent can afford one-to-one specialist tuition, and as WFDA meets the needs of local children it really deserves support. More importantly though, it is a community of highly skilled specialists which is a great boon to an independent professional like me.

Share a WFDA highlight: Meeting the students and parents in my groups for the first time and realising how much fun we were going to have.

How do you like to relax?: I’m a keen cyclist and gardener with a garden and two allotments. Most importantly, I’ve two beautiful grandchildren who live in Japan, so Skype story times are very special to me.

What’s your rule of life?: Every bit of it’s precious, no matter what its form.

Contact Number: 07590824970